5 ways our Interior Designer gets creative

Our resident Interior Designer Nina Souter shares her top 5 tips for getting in the creative mood.

1.Get outside! Go for a walk and I find you always come back feeling more inspired. Whether you are walking around the beautiful Lake District, somewhere more exotic or an urban landscape like Manchester’s Northern Quarter, take in your surroundings. If you are in a built-up area look up and notice the tops of buildings. There’s often so much going on above our eye-line that we never notice.  Time out can help re-focus your mind and enables you be more open to ideas and original thoughts.

2. Wear something interesting. If I am dressed in something I really enjoy wearing, then I feel more positive and creative. One of my favourites is a little black and white checked cotton jacket with red embroidered flowers on the back. Like with  our interiors, we should always have a bit of fun with fashion and experiment with new looks.

3Leaf through new fabric and wall-covering collection books.  Note how they are now called ‘Wall-coverings’ and not just wallpapers?! I love it when the companies release new collections. Seeing new pattern and colour trends always get me excited about new possibilities for my designs.

4. Visit Museums & galleries regularly. I try to go to art galleries & exhibitions whenever I can. I was in Amsterdam last month and went to the Banksy exhibition and Roy Lichtenstein at the Moco Museum. One of my favourite exhibitions  EVER was the 100 years of Vogue – celebrating style over the last century. Held at Manchester Art Gallery, photographs of style icons taken by world class photographers like Mario Testino, Cecil Beaton and David Bailey, within such a beautiful building, was really inspiring and thought provoking. Looking back at the fashions and styles that permeated previous decades,  always get’s me wondering what will come next or what bits of the past I can bring back with a modern twist?

5. Get out to the Theatre. I absolutely love theatre. My background is actually in costume design.  I love going to see big productions like Matthew Bourne’s ballets – the sets and costumes are amazing!  However, I do find the smaller shows have to be very clever and more creative with their limited use of space, which is always interesting.  Often an actor will play multiple characters and may just pop a hat on to tell the audience that they are now someone else.

Hope Mill Theatre in Ancoats , Manchester is a lovely and intimate theatre house which I recommend if you’ve never been – take a look https://hopemilltheatre.co.uk/ – tickets from only £16


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