It’s all about texture

Layer, layer, texture everywhere.

On seats, walls, furniture, ceilings,  floors and soft furnishings. Compliment or contrast your colours and fabrics, the choice is yours.  But if you use your combination of textures in a clever way, you are guaranteed to get a room that really screams  “touch me”.

Some trends come and go but here at the Design House, we think this one is here to stay. Whether you like a simplistic Scandinavian vibe or a more opulent Abigal Aherne dark and glamorous space, you can achieve first class textured layering by considering  the textures available for each surface and how they best work together.

For example; In your Scandi style room you may want exposed brick with a brushed concrete floor. To stop the space feeling cold and industrial, give it warmer touches with rich oak furniture, thick shagpile or sheepskin rugs and natural wool fibre sofas and a 3D wall covering on the ceiling. Some of us here at the Design House remember when anaglypta wallpaper was last in fashion, during the 1980’s. Well now it’s back with a cool bang. Check out the website for a walk down memory lane and some re-visited ideas for  inspiration.  Or have a browse through sites like for more contemporary coverings.

In your dark & opulent room you’ll add brighter glows of colour with your soft furnishings and wallpapers. Unless you are going for a total dark ‘wipe-out’ look of course, where everything blends into one deep colour scheme.

Otherwise brighten and glow with velvets and faux leathers with a colour that contrasts the dark walls. Go gold, turquoise or a shade of red perhaps? Or add a barely-there twinkling sheen with iridescent shimmers on featured wallpaper? The Zoffany fabric and paper featured in the picture here would work brilliantly against dark navy or almost black walls.

It’s easy to re-design a room and to focus only on the floor covering and what colour the walls should be. But to add depth and atmosphere to a room, texturing across multiple surfaces creates a real homely yet stylish space.

We urge you to get more tactile today!

Let us know and show us what you have done via our new hastag –  #designhousemanchestertrainee

Credit image from Zoffany –




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