Add a little roaring 1920’s flair to your home with 3 art deco twists

If you’ve ever considered bringing a touch of the Great Gatsby into your home, look no further.
Our Design Team give you 3 fab tips on how to use art deco, in a modern way.
Disclaimer: we must advise that should you bring any of these tips to life, we cannot guarantee Leonardo Dicaprio will be knocking at your door for a decadent party and flapper session any time soon. Shame.
We can however guarantee, your home will feel roar-ingly fabulous!

Art Dec, or style moderne as it was also known, was born out of the decorative & architecture movement active in the 1920’s. Although it’s centenery is fast approaching us, it didn’t develop into a mainstream style until the 1930’s, when it was fully embraced across Western Europe and the US. Can anyone else not help but think about the glorious Empire State building at this point?

A reminder of what the absolute classic signature art dec styles included:

* Geometric shapes used repeatedly within designs
* Clean lines & streamlining
* Bold colours with sharp contrasts plus mono & neutrals shades were also popular
* Sharp edges along with bold, accentuated curves
* Multiple use of mirrors & other reflective surfaces
* Luxurious materials such as exotic woods, marbles, gold & chrome
* Aztec& Egyptian influences including the ziggurat, the sunburst, and the electric bolt
* Sultry lighting creating a sophisticated ambience
* Surfaces were smooth & polished, to celebrate the industrialised & machine-led world
* Highly stylized patterns taken from plants & animals

However when designing, what is key is to take just one or two of your favourite art dec features & layer into your design. We don’t want an exact replica of a time gone-by. It has to feel appropriate to your home rather than a museum!

Step forward our 3 favourite tips to consider during your design time.


*Try mixing strong floral or geometric art deco pattern against more cold and astute concrete finishes like this image, courtesy of Zoffany, with their Conway velvet sofa.

* You could also take elegant art deco design patterns but printed on more organic fabrics, for a great contemporary take on the period. This Arte wall covering is a woven cloth from their Curioso collection. We adore the coral & blue colour combination

* Our favourite art-dec colour combination would have to be a nude, pale pink with an emerald green. Coming to a new scheme as soon as we can source & design it!


*Get the ultimate in sleek & sophisticated by using art deco nods, within your kitchen space. Look at this shining example of clean lines & luxurious metallics, sumptuous moody teals AND sultry lighting. More edible than the food?

We can’t get enough of the really playful combination of pastels, shell shaped furniture and geometric wallcovering, used in our headline image (also courtesy of Pinterest).
There are just so many wonderful ways to cover our walls these days, we wholly encourage you to be as adventurous as you can. We would love a home decked out with this covering in every room if we could.
(OK I may be exaggerating but it’s just so special).

Another gorgeous combination is this Sandberg wallpaper, called Osterbro.

Teamed with black features like the mirror and bright white tiles, it’s a very strong design and striking colour combination. By using it in a bathroom, so not usually the largest room in the home, it’s kept from feeling too ‘designer’ or ostentatious. Instead it just feels fun, fresh and thoroughly modern.

Art Deco we salute you!
The ultimate in luxury, glamour, and exuberance.
Anything that creates a sense of style, cheeriness and energy, is certainly worth bringing into the home.
Like some of it’s signature attributes, take a leap & be bold, playful and completely fabulous.

And please do, share any photos of your art-deco inspired rooms.
Email and our favourite photo will be announced on the blog over the next month.