Creating a blissful sleep sanctuary

This week, forget about the kitchen being the heart of the home.
We want to sing the praises of the bedroom. In our opinion, it’s the unsung hero.

Sleep’s the best. It’s the key to feeling good mentally and physically.
If your bedroom is designed well it should promote deep sleep. As a result, every single area of your life will benefit.

A reminder of the basic bedroom rules then?
Avoid noise (ticking clocks… no, no), clutter, devices and draughts.
Then turn your mindful mind, towards the design aesthetics. We can help you bring your blissful sleep sanctuary to life if you think about these points…….

Steer away from primary colours.
Research has shown the worst colours for promoting sleep are purple, red & brown.

Instead opt for more toned down, earthy shades.

If you like to get scientific about things, blue is the most sleep promoting colour, followed by green, yellow and silver.
Studies have shown that blue has the same affect on our bodies, as an increase in melatonin does. Our body temperature and heart rate slow down, the perfect physical conditions needed for deep sleep.

The Design House are fans of all-white bedrooms, as in the headline image.
We use multiple textures & layers to create ‘interest’ rather than one colour specifically. However you could opt for all-white with a sleep-inducing colour ‘pop’ perhaps? Pop some colour on the bedding, or on a rattan laundry basket or through greenery in plants, as our headline image shows.

The right type of lighting is key to bedroom design.
You may want to invest in dimmers, on both the main light & on any reading lights.This will ensure you can get the desired ambience, to match your mood.

Bedside lights are really handy but they don’t have to be a typical table lamp style.
If you are short of space then an industrial clamp light can look great and can be moved around.

Wall lights above or to the side of the bed, add a touch of sophistication.

Window dressing
Your dressing choice should be largely dictated by how you sleep.
If you need your room pitch-black to get a good night’s sleep, then you should layer your window treatments with both blackout blinds and curtains.

If you can sleep anywhere and enjoy waking to morning light, then go for a beautiful voile curtain.

However you could mix a voile with a heavier curtain, if you like darkness in winter and the morning sun in the summer months say?

Clever storage
Fitted wardrobes usually give the maximum amount of storage to keep clutter at bay. They are less imposing than free standing pieces, so help keep a feeling of space in a room. Plus they can be decorated to blend or contrast with your colour scheme, adding a perfect opportunity for a feature within the room.

In terms of bedside tables, we usually opt for a wide-chest design.
Wide drawers are far superior in terms of storage. They may eliminate the need for larger chests of drawers elsewhere. We love these, courtesy of Pinterest.

A headboard providing storage is great if space is limited.
This is an excellent option from La Redoute

Soft & natural fabrics

We have a little problem with metal or iron frame beds, here at the DH.
They are just so blooming uncomfortable!

Upholstered headboards are the perfect option for anyone who loves sitting comfortably with a book and a morning brew! We usually make our own headboards and you can see our designs on the bedroom section of our gallery on our website

Bedding should always be made from breathable fabrics.
Buy the best Egyptian cotton bed linens you can afford. They keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer months. Plus it has the added luxury of getting softer over time.

Should you wish to get even cosier, have natural fibre blankets within easy reach.
For those night time visits to the bathroom, step on to something soft and warm, have a dense, fleecy rug below your bed.

Finally, the ultimate in creating sanctuary ambience, are scented candles; lavender, chamomile or vanilla notes.
We’d advise going for candles made entirely from 100% natural products, so you get a fresh non-chemical aroma.

Compliment the candle aroma with drawer and wardrobe scents to keep moths at bay. No holes in your clothes nor in your mind, after a solid nights sleep.

So away you go – get designing!

The bedroom really is the unsung hero of our homes.
Design your own sanctuary and be calmer, more energised and relaxed every single day.
It’s a design for life, in every sense.