A room & it’s view. Looking at a room we LOVE in detail

As we come to the end of a very busy summer here at the Design House, we have been looking back on some of our favourite projects. With lots of installations coming up over the next few weeks, we thought it would be a nice opportunity to reflect on some of our past work. We’ve decided to choose a room we particularly love and share it with you. It was certainly hard to choose just one, so I have cheated a little and selected an area rather than one room. The space works together so I figured it wasn’t really cheating after all!

We worked with Countryside Properties on their Belgravia development in Merseyside. The brief was to design Regent House,  with a classic, timeless look & a country, rustic edge. The spacious top floor landing and large adjourning room allowed us the opportunity to get creative.

The Regent Show Home - Belgravia

We wanted to make the most of the landing space, giving it a sense of purpose and use. We were also conscious of making sure the space complimented the adjourning room, a media and family space. The subtle use of mixing the cushion fabrics helped tie them together whilst also allowing them to work in their own separate ways.

As it was on the top floor, the views from here were the best in the house. The fitted window bench is the perfect place to cosy up with a brew, a good book and relax.  The addition of extra storage is always handy, whilst the open shelving allows you to display personal items. Since the showhome opened, we had several enquiries in one weekend to design something similar in client’s homes. We are so glad the ideas went down well and people loved it as much as we did.

The Regent Show Home - Belgravia

I love this room! It’s a unique space with lots of interesting elements. The adjustable architects table is a statement piece, a great place to work from as the light floods in. The room is a multipurpose space and the corner sofa is a great spot to chill and watch a movie or Netflix. But for me the real reason the room is so successful is the collection of items that bring it to life, adding the energy and personality.

It was so much fun sourcing the styling and accessories. A lot of the pieces came from an antique warehouse in Manchester, The Old Mill Antiques. It is a great place to pick up rare items.

I think my favourite find was this old-school projector, in the image below. Apparently the film reels showed moving images from WW2 and the army.. not that I had chance to try it out and watch any during the hustle and bustle of the install! The collection also included vintage cameras, worn horseshoes, books, industrial letters and signs creating an eclectic look full of character.


It has been a cathartic exercise looking back at our past work.

As autumn draws in, we are now very much looking forward to the next installations we have coming up. Once a room is designed it is up to the styling to bring it to life. Our new collections include everything from bug & beetle themed accessories to smart prints and mirrors. We will be sharing and updating you on our latest projects soon.

Have you been busy collecting? Please do share any photos of your homes or favourite pieces with us at hello@thedesignhousemanchester.co.uk

Special thanks to Chris Foster and Andrew Smith for their fantastic photography skills on this project.