Dear Designer: Our top tips on decorating the perfect nursery

We asked our readers and subscribers to email us their interior design queries and boy did we get a response! From people with little time on their hands, a limited budget or in desperate need of inspiration, we have tried our best to answer and inspire. If we haven’t answered your query today, don’t panic! Dear Designer is going to be a regular feature so we may answer your query next quarter.

One enquirer emailed in with a query regarding decorating a nursery for her new baby:

I am a new mum and have a brand new house! My baby is very early weeks but I am in a tizz in what and how to decorate their bedroom when they leave our room. Do I go Nordic? black and white? Keep it neutral in case of another child which is a different sex, or we want to use that room for something else in the future and it can be easily changeable. What style would you recommend that won’t break the bank. And are there any wallpapers or accessories that can help develop and stimulate the baby, but can look neutral. Many thanks, Corinne Rice.

I don’t think Corinne is alone with her dilemma. The arrival of a newborn gives you so much to think about, picking the right design for their bedroom may suddenly seem like an overwhelming task. As it’s an opportunity to have fun with the scheme, plan the design well and save yourself any more chaos. Nobody needs  a mad dash around the high street with a tired/hungry newborn in tow! What we are trying to say is that you don’t have to play it safe, there are so many options and amazing looks you can create.

But where to start? As Corinne questions, is it best to go neutral in case a different gender sibling joins the family or what if you decide to change the purpose of the room? I would first suggest looking at the room itself. Are you using the smallest room in the house, perhaps the box room? If so it’s likely that the child will grow out of this room and you would be looking at re-using as the nursery when the next one comes along. In which case I would advise a neutral scheme would probably work best. If the room is larger and eventually become the guest bedroom, consider this in advance and choose a design which could be developed at a later stage.

Neutral Nurseries


Our advice would be to go neutral with the furniture. Babies grow up so fast that it seems wasteful to buy brand new pieces when the second baby comes along. You can then add personality in the styling and accessories. An oversized piece of art (as seen on the image above, courtesy of Pinterest) is a budget friendly way of creating a statement. Or how about these wall mounted animal heads, we absolutely love them and think they would look fab in a neutrally decorated room.

If you do decide to go neutral be careful that the room doesn’t become cold; add texture and depth to warm the space up. Gentle lighting is key to achieving a warm & cosy atmosphere, hopefully encouraging that all-important sleep. A carpeted flooring will help when baby begins to crawl. Try adding faux-fur rugs, knitted throws, cuddly cushions as these will all help soften the space.

Changing Rooms

If the room is going to take your infant from baby through to child, you can afford to be bolder in your designs. You have the opportunity to add lots of personality into the space so don’t be afraid to make it fun. A wall mural is a great way to create interest, perhaps choose a design which encourages interaction and learning. A world map, animal or alphabet themed wall covering all work really well. They will last the test of time and will save decorating your little ones space until they are school age. Check out the Mural we used by Little Hands below. The only dilemma you will face is selecting which one of the adorable designs to choose from!

Goddard Chase - Glasson

Will the nursery eventually become a second bedroom, perhaps a guest room? Then we would say go for a feature wallpaper which can evolve with the room. Choosing a more mature paper doesn’t mean it has to be less fun. The image below (courtesy of Pinterest) is a perfect example. The paper looks fab against the white nursery furniture but would look equally great as a feature behind a double bed. We also love the Flamingo paper by Arte which we recently used in one of our showhomes. We think it would make the perfect little girls room but also looks stunning in an adult space too. Check out our  for our snaps of the stylish bedroom.


So new mums, dads & parents- to- be, we hope that has helped and answered your Nursery queries. It’s over to you guys now, so.. on your marks, get set, GO get nesting and good luck!

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