Dear Designer: we discuss your design queries and dilemmas

Our last Dear Designer feature got a great response so we thought it was about time to answer a few more of our readers interior related questions. With quite a few to choose from we decided to pick two subjects which many of us can relate to. Simple ideas which can transform the space, meaning you don’t have to spend lots of money and hours in revamping- winner!

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“Inspiration and advice on how to display things on shelves please? Always struggle to make it look good!” Katie Maria Owen


  • Balance is the key to successful displays. Consider colour, height and texture when choosing your pieces. Make sure one element isn’t more weighted than the other.
  • Use this as an opportunity to bring together the various tones, patterns and materials within the space. The photo above shows how the black, tan & grey tones from the furniture pieces are layered up and pulled together through the accessories.  Mixing typography, landscape photography with tactile objects creates interest and depth.
  • Play around until your get it right, there is no right or wrong!

“Ideas please for bathroom window dressing and to accessorise a modern grey and white bathroom. Thank you” Helen Young.

The Regent 0009.jpg

  • Once fitted and tiled, the bathroom is often forgotten in terms of interior decor. Adding a fabric Roman blind at the window will help soften the space whilst also providing that all important privacy. It’s also a great opportunity to bring some colour and texture into a cool neutral room.
  • If you have remaining wall space after tiling, consider displaying artwork or photographs. This will bring character and interest to an otherwise functional room.
  • A small space like the WC is a great place to bring in a bit of fun. We like to use a striking wallpaper like a local wall mural for example. Lets face it, when sat on the loo it’s nice to have something to look at and make you smile as you pass the time!
  • Accessories such as lanterns and candle holders are great in the bathroom, not just pointless clutter, when lit they help in creating a relaxing atmosphere. If you don’t have much surface area to display these then consider floor standing lanterns or even wall mounted candle sconces.

We hope that this has helped and inspired our readers and subscribers. We would love to see how you’ve got on so send any photos over to us at

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