Getting the trend and timeless design balancing act right.

In line with all the current economical and political chat (which yes we are totally over too BTW), it’s impossible to ignore. So we decided rather than shy away we would discuss the elephant in the room, Brexit and the uncertainty that comes with it. We may well be in a period of insecurity and it’s safe to say that everyone is a little unsure of how this will affect the UK housing market. However we can’t put our lives totally on hold and people are still looking at selling, upsizing, downsizing, modernising or renovating their homes to suit family life.

It’s a given then, that any home investments should be considered carefully.  Every penny spent should be done so wisely, especially given the you*know*what*situation! Here at the Design House, we wanted to give you our top tips for making sure any home improvements will help either sell your home faster or future proof it against needing any further design for many years to come.

Timeless: Think sustainably

Before you begin, ask yourself a few key questions, “Do you really need it? Will it really last for years ahead? Is it good for the environment?”. If the answer is no to any of these then we would suggest you don’t buy it!

Always ensure you have the basics right first and invest in things that will give you comfort every single day of the year. A comfortable bed, sofa, carpet will really improve your day to day well-being. However an impulse purchase may not stand the test of time and could see you having to fork out for a replacement sooner than you’d like.

DH tip: According to Elle decor, four poster beds are back in fashion and we couldn’t agree more. We have recently used this contemporary take on the classic design in a master bedroom and we LOVE it!


Trend: Biophilia

We believe that ‘trend’ is not quite the right term for this design aesthetic. It is more of a lifestyle or design expectation now. Biophilia brings together the connection between humankind and nature, into our homes. Natural elements in the home makes us feel good, promotes health and positive mental wellness. The design principle focuses on: enhancing natural light, using organic materials such as wood and stone on flooring or surfaces and bringing the outside in with the use of plants and handcraft objects.

If you want an interior trend to adopt into your 2019 plans, we feel this is one that won’t pass and will give you real return on investment in every sense for new buyers or long-term dwellers alike.

DH tip: Clever wall coverings such as this window pane wall mural used in one of our projects, helps create the illusion of bright open space.


Trend: Pattern

According to trend setters, statement upholstery is OUT and floral fabrics, wallpapers and surfaces are IN. However our advice would be to consider how and where you use pattern within your home before going full steam ahead. If you are thinking of selling up anytime soon then think twice before adding an OTT floral sofa as you could end up putting people off. Here at the DH we are not afraid of a bit of pattern and we love coming up with clever ways of adding prints and shapes in to our designs.

DH tip: Go classic with the overall look and choose a timeless colour palette, that way you should be able to satisfy your need for pattern whilst still allowing others to see the wood for the trees.. excuse the pun!


Hopefully this gives you some ideas. If you would like a second opinion from our award winning residential designers, please drop us a line at